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Living history

Where the march of time comes to a halt ...

Dive into the unique history of our house. The residence was built three centuries ago, and the ancient building structure is well-maintained. Every corner, every wall and every detail of our house has a story to tell about our 300-year-old history.

300 years of history

  • The Residence Ansitz Goller was acquired from the bishops of Bressanone about 300 years ago, and since then belongs to our family.

  • In January 1965, the fodder house burned down completely, but the family did not shy away and simply re-built it.

  • In 1975, the residence was taken over by the daughter Herta, who lovingly furnished the dining parlours and the guest rooms.

  • Christmas 1977, the first guests arrived and filled the historic rooms with life.

  • Until today, the residence is managed by the Brunner-Leiter family with great passion and love.



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